But I Know

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But I Knownaotyu-가 작업하고 Aizdean가 피쳐링한 DEEMO II의 오리지널 수록곡이다.

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But I know…
The hour’s gone away
The days have gone away
I’m left with these feelings for you
The morning light is creeping through me
It’s a warm feeling
But what am I feeling?
The heavy drops on the window sill
Has it been raining
It might’ve been
Wish it was yesterday
Coffee in the making
It’s always the same routine
Nothing will change
If I don’t want it to
Waiting for a magic
A miracle to come true
Me and you
We’re gonna see it through
But I know
When the vision of light surpasses the shadows
The journey of a thousand miles is starting to begin
There’s nothing more I could wish for
On a beautiful day
Or a dark rainy day
And all I want is just
To be with you
The morning light is analeptic
A soothing feeling
Is that what I’m feeling
Warm and magical it can be
In honesty
It might be
I still am missing you

2 DEEMO II[편집]

But I Know
Deemoii but i know.png
아티스트 naotyu- feat. Aizdean
난이도 레벨 노트 수
난이도 해금 조건
Easy【앨범08 - 여유의 리듬】 구매
Normal【앨범08 - 여유의 리듬】 구매
Hard【앨범08 - 여유의 리듬】 구매


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