Heritage Remain

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Heritage Remain은 Yu_Asahina가 작곡하고 Kanata.N가 피쳐링을 맡은 DEEMO II의 오리지널 수록곡이다.

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Someday I fallin'
forbidden fruits
"cast a spelled on"
I used to dream
before realized that
I'm in the cage
Quiet moment
tender hour sweet
It'll be gone before we know
I was pleased to stay in place
But I don't need it anymore
You left something for me
4 times and 3 times and 2 times and 1 time so
we were too late to learn songs
one day find out
It violates core,(its) Melody
So 5 times and 6 times and so many precious days
“Say goodbye.”
I will go on living my life with love
Big remain to my heart
Your Heritage
Big remain to my heart
Your Heritage

2 DEEMO II[편집]

Heritage Remain
Deemoii heritage remain.png
아티스트 Yu_Asahina feat.Kanata.N
난이도 레벨 노트 수
난이도 해금 조건
Easy【앨범08 - 여유의 리듬】 구매
Normal【앨범08 - 여유의 리듬】 구매
Hard【앨범08 - 여유의 리듬】 구매


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