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Reminisce는 Airuei가 작곡하고 Renko가 작사 및 보컬을 맡은 DEEMO II의 오리지널 수록곡이다.

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To take the time letting the sound surround
And feel it welling up inside, like the warmth of the sun...
With every breath, you feel the depth of emotions in your life
And its complexities may carry you so far away.
Always running, no matter when or where you are,
Whenever everything seems so overwhelming,
Feel the weight of your mind begin to fall...
In the heavy rains, they wash away
The echoes of the unchanged and unknown inside
Those memories fading to longing yesterdays.
Close your eyes and let it drift away.
The shades of our vision reflect in the drops of light,
In the night, we will find what we're searching for
In the sea of life.
We reminisce, painting the evening sky.
And in the quietness in the air, there is something
Beyond what we're feeling.
Even in darkness, there are stars lighting up in the sky.
And at the sight of them, we'll never lose our way.
And with time again, the seasons change.
The seeds drift in the winds settle deep inside,
Rising up from the heart and within the memories.
Close your eyes and feel it drift away.
The lingering veil is no longer concealing any light.
And one day, we'll continue on, searching for what we've lost
While in the sea of life.

2 DEEMO II[편집]

Deemoii reminisce.png
아티스트 Airuei ft. Renko
난이도 레벨 노트 수
난이도 해금 조건
Easy'기간 한정 이벤트 - 꿈나라'에서 음색의 포톤 450개 수집
Normal'기간 한정 이벤트 - 꿈나라'에서 음색의 포톤 450개 수집
Hard'기간 한정 이벤트 - 꿈나라'에서 음색의 포톤 450개 수집


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